What is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychologists can also be instrumental in assessing and diagnosing a variety of difficulties to assist with important life decisions and treatment through psychological assessments. A psychological assessment is an in-depth service sought by clients who would like to learn about specific characteristics of their functioning such as cognitive functioning, personality/character traits, and emotional or psychological symptoms.

Psychological assessments involve an in-depth Clinical Interview, the administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological measures that assess the specific characteristics in order to answer specific questions, and usually, the preparation of a written report outlining the results of the assessment and any recommendations (if a report is required).

Psychological tests can measure, for example, intelligence, memory functioning, personality traits, verbal and cognitive abilities, academic achievement, and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Types of assessments offered by Dr. Collier:

  • Personality assessments for stable character traits
  • Clinical assessments for psychological and emotional symptoms

Please note, I do not do psycho-educational assessments for purposes of diagnosing Learning Disorders or other intellectual challenges.

I do not provide court-ordered assessments.

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